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Treasured Moments

This sculpture depicts Andrew Carnegie reading to two children and is located near the front of the Carnegie History Center. In 1902, Carnegie awarded the city of Bryan a $10,000 grant to construct a library. The building is designed in Greek Revival style, in a Greek Cross plan by the local architect, Professor Fred R. […]

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Viking Spirit

This 6’6″ bronze Viking warrior nicknamed “Thor” by the students, weighs about 700 pounds and is well adorned with a shirt of mail, a round shield, horn, sword, boots and a cape blowing out behind him. He was stolen in 2003, but safely recovered from a field in south Brazos County with only a few […]

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Wilderness Awakened

A loving family of wolves, 2 parents and 4 cubs, is brought to life in this cast-bronze, one and one-quarter times life-size sculpture.  It was placed where legend has it, Texas A&M University students once antagonized wild wolves in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Sculptor:  J Payne LaraInstallation: 17 December 2001 Location: Wolf Pen Creek Park at […]

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It was named after the ancient Babylonian pyramidal stepped temple towers, also spelled Ziggurats. The Mesopotamians believed that these pyramid temples connected heaven and earth. Jon Krawczyk has exhibited across the country and his work is in private collections around the world. Sculptor: Jon KrawczykInstallation: 12 January 2000 Location: College Station Utilities, 310 Krenek Tap Road, […]