Aggie Spirit

Sculptor: Edd Hayes
Installation: 12 May 2005

Location: behind the Dixie Chicken on the Promenade in the Northgate District. From University Drive in College Station, take Boyett St. and go 1 block.  The promenade runs behind the businesses. 

The life-size sculpture was created to capture the tradition and feel of a student Bonfire worker. Although Hayes did not attend TAMU, he learned the traditions from his friends.  The 90-year-old Bonfire tradition came to a tragic end in 1999 when the log structure collapsed, killing 12 Aggies and injuring 27.  His hope is that the sculpture reflects the strength and inspiration that A&M students give the Bryan-College Station area.

Arc de Luna

Sculptors: Alan Lee and Jeff Lee of Steephollow Forgeworks
Creation: 2014

Location: Roundabout at N. Main St & W 23rd St, near Park Station – Downtown Bryan

This 13’ x 16’ sculpture was originally a small model brought into existence through the invaluable help of the TAMU Department of Architecture’s Automated Fabrication & Design Lab at the Rellis campus, known as the “Architectural Ranch.” They provided the computer-generated cut list for the art piece. Arc de Luna appeared first in ArtFill before moving to its permanent location. Steephollow Forgeworks is a local blacksmith and metalworking business.

Brazos Flower

Sculptor: James Surls
Installation:  1986

Location: by the main entrance to the Brazos Center, 3232 Briarcrest Dr. Bryan, TX 77802.

This statue was the first public art in Brazos County. The oak and steel abstract sculpture is 19 feet high by 19 feet wide with 27 petals and weighs about 10,000 lb.  The 6-foot petals were carved by hand and a flat-bed truck had to bring the partially assembled statue to the site.  Surls’ work is purchased and exhibited in museums across the country.

Bryan Bombers

Sculptor: Lynn Haste
Installation: 22 November 2005

Location: in front of the La Salle Hotel, 120 South Main Street, Bryan, TX 77803

The Bryan Bombers were a 1940’s member of the Class C Lone Star League. Since 2007, the Brazos Valley Bombers are a collegiate summer baseball team based in Bryan, TX. For more,


Sculptor: Michael Bigger
Installation: 12 January 1999

Location: on the lawn behind the Larry J. Ringer Library, 1818 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South, College Station TX 77845

Michael D. Bigger was known internationally for large, colorful metal compositions and was also a charismatic teacher at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. A colleague said “Watching him work alone on a piece was like watching a ballet with a crane.”

Children of Peace

Sculptor: Gary Lee Price
Installation: 31 March 2006

Location: Unity Plaza, at the intersection of Texas Avenue South and Rosemary Dr., Bryan, TX  77802.

The sculpture, representing the sister cities of Bryan and College Station was funded by a grant from “Keep Texas Beautiful.”  Gary Lee Price has a “passion for art, and belief that art empowers and lifts the human spirit.”

Diana’s Quest

Sculptor: Dr. Joe Smith
Installation: 21 September 2000

Location: Prosperity Bank, 1862 Rock Prairie Road College Station, TX 77845

The sculpture represents an ancient deer hunt by the Roman goddess Diana.

Eternal Winds

Sculptor: Dr. Joe Smith
Installation: 21 March 2000

Location: Eastgate Park at the intersection of Texas Avenue South and Walton Dr., near Textbook Solutions, 107 Walton Dr. College Station, TX 77840. It is now somewhat hidden by crepe myrtle.

This large steel abstract sculpture weighing about 5000 pounds was installed to be a permanent fixture in the park to symbolize the new millennium.


Sculptor: Dmitri Koustov
Installation: August 2003

Location: Easterwood Airport in the median, 1 McKenzie Terminal Blvd. College Station, TX 77845

This 2000 pound stainless steel structure was first constructed in Caldwell by James Urbanosky, master craftsman. This is Koustov’s first work of public sculpture; he is a well-known painter from Russia.

God’s Finger to Adam’s

Sculptor: John McGee
Installation: April 2016

Location: ArtFill, 700 N Main St. Bryan, TX  77803

This large unorthodox portrayal of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” shows the rusty finger of a God robot almost touching the rusty finger of an Adam robot.  The sculpture refers to Genesis 1:27, which is stamped directly on the art. The Artfill site is a community art installation project in the north end of Downtown Bryan.

Half Time 

Sculptor: Joe Smith
Installation: 16 September 2002

Location: on a traffic island at Tarrow St & Tarrow St E, College Station, TX 77840. Watch out for one-way streets.

This was created in memory of James Scamardo, past president of the Arts Council of Brazos Valley.  It was named Halftime because it looked like a clock cut in half.

Hold On

Sculptor: Jon Krawczyk
Installation: 1 December 2001

Location: Rock Prairie McDonald’s, 1750 Rock Prairie Road, College Station, TX 77845

The sculpture was dedicated by Ron and Ruth Blatchley, owners of McDonalds, and the Arts Council of Brazos Valley.  It is affectionately referred to as “French Fries.”

La Familia

Sculptor: Jon Krawczyk
Installation: 19 February 2001

Location: near the north entrance to Bryan City Hall, 300 Texas Ave. Bryan TX 77803

This is a bronze abstraction of a family gathering.

Majestic Freedom

Sculptor: J. Payne Lara
Installation: 20 August 2001

Location: near the south entrance to Bryan City Hall, 300 Texas Ave. Bryan TX 77803

The individual deer were named Sacrifice, Allegiance and Unity by Johnson Elementary students. John Blackburn is responsible for the lovely fountain behind the sculpture.  Lara is a professional bronze sculptor in Navasota, TX and has made many sculptures for our area, including at the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial.


Sculptor: Russell Cushman
Installation: 13 May 2001

Location: Bryan’s Heritage Park, 600 S Hutchins St, Bryan TX 77803

The sculpture of a mother teaching her children to fish was donated by Margueritte Schirk Gardner in honor of her mother, Emilie Schirk, a French emigrant and widow who raised ten children during the Great Depression and World War II with great personal sacrifice. It was dedicated to “All of Our Mothers” on Mother’s Day, 2001.


Sculptor: J Payne Lara
Installation: initially in 2005

Location: Arts Council of the Brazos Valley, 4180 HWY 6 Frontage Rd South, College Station TX 77845

Petunia, a portrayal of a little barefoot girl with a long ponytail feeding a goose, was dedicated in memory of Marge Zwolinski.

Service with Courage

Sculptor: J Payne Lara
Installation: 13 May 2002

Location: College Station Fire Department #6, corner of University Drive and Tarrow St. College Station, TX 77840

The Sculpture depicts a 6 ½ foot tall firefighter clothed in full bunker gear with an ax in hand and an air pack strapped to his back. Weighing approximately 650 pounds, it serves as a reminder of the dedication of every local fire department. It was originally placed at Fire Station #2 on the corner of Harvey Mitchell Parkway and Rio Grand Blvd, but was moved on November 27, 2012.

Sky Cutter

Sculptor: J Payne Lara
Installation: 14 December 2004

Location: in Central Park’s fishing pond, 1000 Krenek Tap Rd. College Station, TX 77840

Stephen C. Beachy Central Park was developed in 1979. It is 106.4 acres with many amenities. Central Park is stocked with catfish through early November by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Staking the Claim

Sculptor: Albert Pedulla
Installation: 1986

Location: Richard Carter Park, 1800 Brazoswood, College Station, TX 77840

The statue symbolizes the staking of the claim by Richard Carter, which resulted in the settlement of College Station and the Brazos Valley. To find the statue, follow the brick trail from the pavilion to the east side of the park. It looks unkempt because the park is a No Mow Zone to protect the Monarch butterfly. The park includes an interpretive center pavilion with displays about Richard Carter, the graves of Carter and his family, and the reconstruction of the original water well.

The Big Square Deal

Sculptor: George Tobolowsky
Installation: 2009

Location: Arts Council of the Brazos Valley, 4180 HWY 6 Frontage Rd South, College Station TX 77845

Made of stainless steel found objects on a steel base, it was donated by the Zale Foundation and Pam and Bob Smits.

Tiger Pride

Sculptor: J Payne Lara
Installation: 7 November 2002

Location: A&M Consolidated High School, 1801 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South, College Station, TX 77845. It is to the left of the main entrance to the school.

This pouncing tiger is 9 feet from base to head and approximately 650 pounds. It was financed by the cooperative consortium of the Senior Class of 2003, the A&M Consolidated Foundation Board and the Arts Council of Brazos Valley.

Treasured Moments

Sculptor: Lynn Haste
Installation Date: 5 May 2007

Location: Carnegie Public Library, 111 South Main Street, Bryan, TX 77803

It depicts Andrew Carnegie reading to two children. In 1902, Carnegie awarded the city of Bryan a library grant to construct the library, done in Greek Revival in a Greek Cross plan by the local architect, Professor Fred R. Geisecke of Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College (TAMC). For more,

Viking Spirit

Sculptor: Lynn Haste
Installation: 2002

Location: Travis B. Bryan High School, East 29th Street Bryan TX 77802. It is actually located on 29th Street at the main entrance to the blue campus across the street from Austin Driving School 3423 E 29th St. Bryan, TX 77802. There is a small parking lot.

This 6'6″ bronze Viking warrior nicknamed “Thor” by the students, weighs about 700 pounds and is well adorned with a shirt of mail, a round shield, horn, sword, boots and a cape blowing out behind him. He was stolen in 2003, but safely recovered from a field in south Brazos County with only a few scratches and bent horns. The statue was given by the Class of 2001; final construction was handled by the Class of 2002.

Wilderness Awakened

Sculptor:  J Payne Lara
Installation: 17 December 2001

Location: Wolf Pen Creek Park at the park entrance on Holleman Drive, College Station, TX 77840. Across the street from the old USDA building at 1001 Holleman Drive East, College Station, TX 77840.

A loving family of wolves, 2 parents and 4 cubs, is brought to life in this cast-bronze, one and one-quarter times life-size sculpture.  It was placed where legend has it, A&M students once antagonized wild wolves in the 1920’s and 1930’s.


Sculptor: Jon Krawczyk
Installation: 12 January 2000

Location: College Station Utilities, 310 Krenek Tap Road, College Station TX 77840 On the corner of Krenek Tap Road and Wm King Cole.

It was named after the ancient Babylonian pyramidal stepped temple towers, also spelled Ziggurats. The Mesopotamians believed that these pyramid temples connected heaven and earth. Jon Krawczyk has exhibited across the country and his work is in private collections around the world.

Boonville Heritage Park (4 statues)

Sculptor: J Payne Lara
Location: 2421 Boonville Rd, Bryan, TX 77802

Boonville Heritage Park is the last preserved remnant of the town of Boonville, the original county seat of Brazos County. Occupying 11.29 acres, the park is home to the Turner-Peters log house, an original 1856 structure furnished with 19th-century pieces that were typical to the Texas frontier, Twin Sister’s Cannon, a smokehouse, the Boonville County Courthouse, the local Masonic Lodge, and statues of Harvey Mitchell, “The Father of Brazos County,” and the threesome, Eli Seale, one of the first 11 Texas Rangers, Sam Houston, a regular visitor to Boonville, and Hiram Hanover, Brazos County’s first postmaster.

Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial (18+ sculptures)

Sculptors: Most statues were done by J Payne Lara
Location: Veterans Park and Athletic Complex, 3101 Harvey Rd, College Station TX 77845
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This 12-acre site, chartered in 2000 as a non-profit, is dedicated to veterans from our nation’s major wars. The Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial (BVVM), includes life-sized statues, a Wall of Honor, interpretive panels and memorial sites. On Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021 at 11 a.m., three new statues will be dedicated at the War on Terror Memorial to accompany the steel relic from one of the World Trade Center towers.

Texas A&M University (38 sculptures)

Location of the Central Parking Garage: 450 Spence St. College Station, TX 77843. This garage is across the street from the Memorial Student Center and Rudder Tower.

Visitor Parking Information:
There is essentially no free parking on campus. The rules are strictly enforced.

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